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Media Literacy Projects

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What is Media Literacy?


1.  Read this article:




2.  Analyze your own media use--consumption and production.  Create a Microsoft Publisher brochure that illustrates what media you use and consume (television, movies, music, Facebook, magazines, etc.) and what media you produce (home movies, school project, t-shirt designs, music, etc.)


Search for the Five Key Questions of Media Literacy.



Media Lit. 9/6/2012


1.  Watch this student project video on the "History of Communication":


2.  Watch the following TED Talks videos, all of which relate to themes of communication and the transmission of ideas.


(You may need to watch the TED Talks videos on the laptop via flashdrive, as they are not streaming properly)


          a. Here's one on human imagination: http://www.ted.com/talks/jay_walker_s_library_of_human_imagination.html


          b.  Here's a short video about storytelling:   http://www.ted.com/talks/joe_sabia_the_technology_of_storytelling.html


                    (Make sure to read some of the comments and discussion below the video . . .)


          c.  Effective communication (storytelling, if you will) occurs when ideas and media creation techniques coincide.  Here's a video from the world of photography and photographic "re-construction" that tells a powerful story: http://www.ted.com/talks/becci_manson_re_touching_lives_through_photos.html


          d.  And finally, here's one about music can be a vehicle for connection:


4.  Thinking about some of the ideas presented today, and your own thoughts about communication and media, write a one-page essay discussing how media could play a positive and/or negative role in your life, in your ability to appreciate and create stories, and your effective and meaningful communication with others.


















Major Structures--complete 3 of the 4 projects during the semester.  You may overlap and combine.  For example: movie posters, flyers, ads, and jewel case inserts for a DVD that also includes a soundtrack.  If you are continuing one project all semester long (publications, working with community members, etc.), you can add other structures to enhance what you are doing.  Examples: If you are working on a website, work on some print media to raise awareness of your site.  If you are making videos, try composing some of your own soundtrack for subsequent projects.


Due Dates: Oct. 24-27, Dec. 12-15, Jan. 23-26.


A.  Print/Graphic Arts--Check out these sites--http://www.robot-built.com, http://www.ovidnine.com, http://www.americandesignawards.com/, http://www.gdusa.com/, http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/, http://www.snap2objects.com/2008/06/17/24-free-mac-design-programs/, http://www.wacom.com/interests, http://www.wacom.com/interests/featured-artists/katie-hatz#&panel2-1


B.  Audio--http://www.myspace.com/glowinthedarkstudio








One of Derek Deitz's latest projects:



C.  Web--Check out this discussion of website design: http://www.wildsnow.com/1924/black-diamondwebsite-redesign/







D.  Video--Check out these site for video, Print/Graphic Arts, and Web Design: http://www.senseistudios.com, http://www.skiflakes.com/HotshotsVideo/home.html, http://cfbstaff.cfbisd.edu/paciottib/Video_Production/vidprodstart.html, http://www.thedirectorintheclassroom.com/,



E.  Other?  Games?  Flash Media?  Animation?

http://www.koolmoves.com, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_developer, http://www.gamedev.net/, http://www.viscom.austincc.edu/gamesgroup/,




You could do a project on social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), blogging, electronic commerce, etc.  Mainly, you're looking at a project that allows you to explore the structural components of your chosen medium.


 Project Requirements:


1.  Keep a log of the work you have done--time spent, tasks completed, a brief description of your contributions to the group, ideas promoted, etc.  Reflect.  Celebrate successes.  Catalog pitfalls.


2.  Document your progress to show the stages of project completion.  What did you learn along the way?


3.  Maintain a group wiki describing your group's progress and providing an interface for group communication and/or questions.


4.  Construct a flowchart for the project as well as a project synopsis.


5.  Present project to the class and/or a larger audience.  Include a brief introduction and write a brief assessment of your project.  What were the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen medium and how you worked with it?



Links to Various Media Literacy Activities and Articles






Cinematography and Dance



Blender Tutorials



Blender Tutorials


























Blogs, Pros, Etc.



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